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Flos Flos Pre-Pack – Pops 41

Otter Popz emerges as a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, comprising 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, resulting from the crossbreeding of Animal Mints and Gelato 41 strains. Named after the beloved childhood summertime treat, Otter Popz delivers a delightful combination of sweet and sugary flavors accompanied by a euphoric high that beckons for repeated enjoyment. True to its namesake, this strain features a sweet and fruity cherry berry flavor profile, accentuated by a creamy yet sour citrusy exhale. Its aroma mirrors this delightful experience, boasting a blend of sour citrus notes mingled with fresh fruity berries, spicy menthol, and nutty earthiness.
The Otter Popz high sets in almost immediately upon exhalation, surging through the brain with an expansive wave of euphoria. Your mind is uplifted and filled with a light, airy sense of happiness, occasionally punctuated by fits of giggles, while maintaining moments of creative clarity.

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Roses Roses 3.6g Multi-Pack Infused PreRoll – Very Cherry 6 x

Very Cherry: Dive into a world of bold and luscious flavor with our Very Cherry infused pre-roll. Handcrafted using premium cannabis flower from our finest buds, this pre-roll offers an explosion of succulent cherry taste that will awaken your senses. Indulge in a smooth and luxurious smoking experience that captures the essence of ripe cherries, delivering a delightful twist to your cannabis journey. Elevate your moments and savor the intense allure of Very Cherry – the ultimate choice for those seeking a truly unique and delectable experience. Infused Pre Roll.

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Mooon Juice Mooon Juice Pre-Pack – Grandma’s Cookies

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies by Johnston’s Genetics is a delightful fusion of Girl Scout Cookies and Black Sugar Berry. This strain combines the uplifting, euphoric effects of GSC with the sweet, indica-dominant traits of Black Sugar Berry (Black Sugar Rose x Plushberry), resulting in a flavorful terpene profile with hints of anise, tart cherries, dough, and earthy undertones. While reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies in behavior, Grandma’s Sugar Cookies offers deeper relaxation that may induce sleepiness. Its potent and carefree effects make it perfect for individuals seeking stress relief and mood enhancement.

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Mooon Juice Mooon Juice Pre-Pack – Gaslato

Gaslato is a hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the fusion of Gelato and Gas genetics. This strain offers a creamy and gassy profile with a delightful blend of sweet and sour flavors. Gaslato is known for inducing euphoric, relaxed, and creative effects.

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Mooon Juice Mooon Juice Pre-Pack – Stank Breath

Stank Breath emerges as an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa), resulting from the potent crossbreeding of Sharksbreath and OG Kush strains. For those seeking a potent strain that leaves a lasting impression, Stank Breath fits the bill. True to its name, this bud boasts an intensely pungent aroma characterized by dank, musty, and sour notes, accompanied by a sharp hint of deep black pepper. Its flavor profile mirrors this intensity, with a heavy, dank overtone accented by spicy black pepper and earthy herbal undertones. The Stank Breath high takes hold swiftly, enveloping the mind in a euphoric uplift. As the high intensifies, a soothing body tingle emerges, inducing a state of pure relaxation and tranquility. This physical sensation gradually amplifies, leading to a profound sedation and couch-lock, rendering you fully immobilized before you realize it.

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Noxx NOXX Pre-Pack 56g Shake/Trim – Grape Cream Cake

2 Full Ounces of pre-ground shake/trim that is ready to roll or pack in your bowl!!
Grape Cream Cake is an indica-dominant cannabis strain resulting from a genetic blend of Grape Pie and Wedding Crasher strains. This strain boasts a delightful flavor and aroma that harmoniously blend fruity undertones of grapes and cherries with a subtle hint of nutty vanilla.

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