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Mooon Juice Mooon Juice Multi-Pack PreRoll – Death Star 20 x 1g

Death Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel which is most commonly known as an indica dominant. Death Star possesses the best attributes of both its parents. Its name is assumed to be linked with Star Wars movies. It has the indica/sativa ratio of 75% to 25%. The strain bud, when crushed with fingers, proves to be extremely sticky, which is a sign of good quality when testing out different varieties of strains. There may be purple shades of colour visible in this particular strain’s stems. Death Star gives out a combination of aromas including that of lemon and rubber, and taste of an eccentric sweetness. Overall, the strain is frosty looking one with broadly growing leaves. The aroma of this strain might be a bit pungent for a patient likes, since it has a mixed essence of both its parents.

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Five Star Extracts by True North Collective Five Star Extracts Live Resin – Larry & Gary Nug Run Sugar Sauce

Triangle Larry OG is a powerful indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG X Triangle Kush strains. This bud packs a punch of heavy relaxation that fills both mind and body with sweet relief for hours and hours on end. It starts with a subtle lift in the back of the head that slowly spreads throughout the rest of the body in lightly tingly warming waves that ease away any physical aches or pains and replaces them with soothing bliss. Soon, you’ll feel yourself begin to drift away into a deep peaceful state that often ends in sleep.

As always with all of our concentrates, Five Star Extracts uses no Color Remediation or CRC techniques so you get to experience the true terpenes and flavors the cannabis plant naturally produced.

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ROGUE Rogue 100mg Gummies – Strawberry Kiwi TENS

HOG Cannabis Co. brings you Rogue Chemistry TENS!
All natural, non-gmo, vegan, gluten free and all ingredients 100% sourced in Michigan. These TENS are packed with flavor and made with our premium distillate.

Flavors: Black Cherry, Watermelon, Peach Mango, Orange Cream & Strawberry Kiwi

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True North Collective Five Star x True North 200mg Full Spectrum Gummies – Strawberry Lemonade 4 x 50mg

True North Confections and Five Star Extracts have collaborated to create a top notch gummy for the cannabis connoisseur. Our Strawberry Lemonade gummies feature an improved vegan recipe. Each 50 mg gummy is infused with full spectrum cured batter which tends to have an overall body effect. These gummies are gluten free, dairy free, and made with local Michigan farm sourced beet sugar and natural flavors.

4×50 mg THC

200 mg THC total

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Mooon Juice Mooon Juice Pre-Pack 56g Shake/Trim – Pink Runtz

2 Full Ounces of pre-ground shake/trim that is ready to roll or pack in your bowl!!
Pink Runtz is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created either as a phenotype of the infamous Runtz strain, a Zkittlez X Gelato cross, or as a cross of the delicious Rainbow Sherbet X Pink Panties strains. Described as a strain that will have you ‘talking to your forehead,’ this bud brings on the unfocused and giddy effects that will leave you feeling totally out of it and completely happy about it. The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects, filling you with a happy sense of high-flying euphoria that immediately pushes out any negative or racing thoughts, replacing them with heady unfocused bliss. As your mind settles into this buzzy state, a tingle will begin to spread throughout your physical form, leaving you totally relaxed and kicked back, pain-free from head to toe.

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