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Peachy Hash & Co Peachy Rosin – Devil Driver

Devil Driver is a sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created through crossing the classic Melonade X Sundae Driver strains. Don’t let the name of this lovely lady scare you away – she’s anything but devilish. In fact, Devil Driver packs a super bright and vibrant high that will get your mind and body moving, out of any rut that you might feel like you’re stuck in. The high will hit you fast and hard, rushing into your brain with a euphoric and energizing sense that gets your mental gears turning immediately. A sense of creativity accompanies this happy boost, lending itself well to any artistic task that you might have at hand. A lightly tingly body high rounds out the effects, giving you a ‘get moving’ feeling that will have you instantly out of bed or off of the couch.

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710 Labs 710 Labs Live Rosin – Jokerz #15 x Sundae Driver 2nd Press

Jokerz is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) resulting from the crossbreeding of the delectable White Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato strains. This award-winning strain claimed the top spot at the 2022 Leaf Bowl in Oregon, thanks to its remarkable potency and nighttime effects. Jokerz delivers a gradual onset of effects, starting with a gentle euphoria that warms the mind and enhances focus. As the high progresses, a sense of hazy bliss envelops the senses, inducing laughter and joviality. Finally, a deep sedation sets in, lulling users into a state of profound relaxation and sleepiness.

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710 Labs 710 Labs Full Melt – Queens Zugar Cookie #9 (Persy)

Zugar is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (75% indica/25% sativa) resulting from the crossbreeding of the potent Slurricane and Sunset Sherbet strains. Renowned for its exceptional flavor profile, Zugar is a go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking a delightful cannabis experience. True to its name, Zugar delights the palate with a delectable candy-like sweetness, underscored by creamy grape notes and hints of sour lemon-lime. Its aroma mirrors this delightful flavor profile, exuding a lemon-lime candy essence with accents of sweet grape candies and sugary berries. The Zugar high delivers an immediate cerebral uplift, inducing a sense of mental clarity and euphoria. This initial boost in mood is followed by a gentle wave of calm that permeates the body, inducing physical relaxation and sedation, which may eventually lead to drowsiness.

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710 Labs 710 Labs Persy Badder – Fire Water #106 (Persy)

Like the instant buzz you get from taking a shot of moonshine, this tingling hybrid will spark your senses and set your mind ablaze with dreamy euphoria. Notes of creamy citrus and sweet gas give the strain a unique aroma and flavor profile, as the high hits both body and mind with a blast of mood-elevating, muscle-melting effects.

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710 Labs 710 Labs Live Rosin – Melon Soda #24 x Zcubed 2nd Press

Z Cube, also referred to as “ZCube,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa), believed to be either a descendant or a sister strain of the renowned Zkittlez, crossed with the OZ Kush strain. Ready for an expedition into uncharted territory? Z Cube is the ideal companion, offering profound and tranquilizing effects that are bound to leave you pleasantly incapacitated. The high commences with a euphoric lift, gently permeating your mind and elevating your spirits, imbuing you with a profound sense of well-being and relaxation, devoid of any negative emotions or racing thoughts. As a profound serenity envelops you, it gradually permeates your body, inducing a state of complete tranquility and leaving you fully pacified from head to toe, often leading to significant couch-lock.

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710 Labs 710 Labs Persy Rosin – Banana Pie #14 (Persy)

Banana Cream Pie, distinct from the similarly named “Banana Pie,” is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) resulting from the crossbreeding of the potent Forum Cookies X Banana OG strains. Renowned for its delectable flavor profile, Banana Cream Pie serves as an ideal choice for a late-night treat or as a dessert strain to unwind before bedtime. With a creamy, sugary essence reminiscent of vanilla and banana, complemented by hints of nutty crust and a subtle undertone of sour, lemony citrus, this bud offers a delightful sensory experience. Its aroma mirrors the delectable dessert, evoking images of freshly served Banana Cream Pie atop a woody pine surface. The Banana Cream Pie high unfolds gradually, initiating with a gentle, tingling sensation in the extremities before enveloping the entire body. This tingling effect may evoke feelings of arousal, while simultaneously inducing a heady, euphoric state characterized by giggly moments and occasional bouts of deep relaxation.

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Noxx Orange Crush Smalls – Deli Style Tier 3

Orange Crush is the result of breeding California Orange with Blueberry, an indica strain. Its uplifting and cheerful head high makes it ideal for lifting spirits on a dreary day. This hybrid is often used to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, and migraines. The most common side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasional dizziness. Although rare, some users may experience paranoia or anxiety. Like its name suggests, Orange Crush boasts a robust citrus aroma and flavor, characterized by sweet orange notes. Its appearance is reminiscent of oranges, featuring bright green buds accented by vibrant gold flecks.

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Noxx RS11 Smalls – Deli Style Tier 4

RS11, also recognized as “RS-11” or “Rainbow Sherbet #11,” is an indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa), born from the delightful union of Pink Guava and OZK strains. This bud excels in both flavor and effects, offering a remarkable experience. RS11 delights the palate with a profoundly sweet and fruity profile, reminiscent of cherry berries complemented by sugary candy undertones and a subtle hint of pine. Its aroma mirrors this complexity, featuring an earthy pine essence accentuated by fresh fruity notes of cherries and berries. The RS11 high manifests swiftly, commencing with a cerebral uplift that fosters alertness, happiness, and enhanced creativity. Simultaneously, a profound physical relaxation envelops the body, inducing deep couch-lock and sedation that can persist for hours.

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Noxx Bubble Bath – Deli Style Tier 2

Bubble Bath is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic The Soap X Project 4516 strains. This bud is the perfect choice to help you really kick back and relax, almost like a hot bubble bath! The effects wash over you slowly, seeping into both mid and body with a soothing sense that eases away any physical or mental aches and pains. You’ll feel calm from head to toe with an almost dazed cerebral sense that has you pretty out of touch with reality but totally okay with it. This combination can turn sedative, dropping you off into a long and peaceful nap that lasts for hours on end.

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Noxx Duct Tape – Deli Style Tier 2

Duct Tape is a balanced hybrid strain, crafted from a blend of the renowned Original Glue and Do-Si-Dos strains. If you seek an extraordinary flavor and a remarkably potent experience, Duct Tape is the ideal choice. Each inhale delights with a sweet, chocolatey taste, followed by a robust diesel finish that might induce a cough. Its aroma mirrors this profile, boasting an earthy diesel essence with hints of spicy chocolate and nuts. The high of Duct Tape is equally impressive, impacting both mind and body with its potent effects. Initially, a surge of cerebral energy and enhanced creativity ensues. This mental uplift is then accompanied by a soothing body buzz, gradually inducing a sense of relaxation and contentment, perhaps even encouraging a state of light couch-lock.

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Noxx Apples and Bananas – Deli Style Tier 2

Apples and Bananas is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa), resulting from a cross of [(Platinum Cookies X Granddaddy Purple) X Blue Power] and Gelatti strains. As the name suggests, this bud offers a delightful blend of flavors. Expect a sweet and fruity taste reminiscent of sugary bananas and tart apples, with a hint of black pepper. The aroma leans towards the spicier side, with notes of savory diesel and sweet chemicals. The high delivered by Apples and Bananas is just as enticing, inducing full-bodied effects that hit with intensity. You’ll experience an immediate lift in mood, accompanied by a surge of euphoria and creativity. Simultaneously, a soothing tingle spreads throughout the body, promoting relaxation and, at times, arousal.

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